Talash  Huijbers

Talash Huijbers

CEO of InsectiPro

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At the age of 23, Talash started off the journey of InsectiPro, with a vision to reinforce food security in Kenya and Africa at large through alternative protein sources. Three years later, she persisted with her vision, currently leading a team of over 60 employees into a large scale production of black soldier fly larvae and crickets for feed and food respectively. Born in Kenya, Talash grew up with a strong sense for her country’s structure and needs. This inspired her to study International Food and Agribusiness in the Netherlands. After obtaining her bachelor degree and returning to Kenya, she initially aimed at starting her own fish farm but became quickly aware of the protein shortage on the feeding market. The idea for InsectiPro was born, as a solution to not only solve contemporary agricultural problems but also tackling food insecurity of generations to come. Talash believes InsectiPro is where sustainability and profitably meet, making it a company of the future.

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