Richard Fuller

Richard Fuller

President, Pure Earth and Co-Chair of The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health

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Richard Fuller, is an Australian-born, U.S.-based engineer, entrepreneur and environmentalist best known for his work in global pollution remediation. He is president of the nonprofit Pure Earth (formerly known as Blacksmith Institute) dedicated to solving pollution problems in low and middle-income countries, where human health is at risk. Mr. Fuller initiated and now leads the Secretariat of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, a multi-stakeholder group focusing on pragmatic solutions to pollution and health in the poorer countries.  Members include World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNEP, UNIDO, UNDP, and governments of over 25 countries severely affected by pollution.

In October 2017, he co-Chaired the seminal Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health.  Bringing a group of 50 top researchers together and working for over two years, that report outlined the enormous health and economic costs of pollution, while also showing the pathways and solutions that can help cure what has now become one of the largest causes of death in the world.

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