Prosper  Mulindwa

Prosper Mulindwa

Vice Mayor in charge of Economic Development, Rulindo District, Rwanda

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Prosper Mulindwa, Economist, holder of a Masters degree in Finance and Control, has been leading the economic development of Rulindo district (567 sq km, 337,820 people and 81,817 households) in Rwanda since February 2011, with responsibility over the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Business Development and Employment; and Infrastructure Development, Land Management and Settlement.

During his tenure, he has been instrumental in the agricultural transformation of Rulindo with an emphasis on crop intensification, promotion of export crops, animal resources production systems, environment protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Before that, he had responsibility for the cooperative management of tea growers from primary level to the national federation, from February 2007 to January 2011. Prosper Mulindwa is a highly committed and hard worker and is driven by his passion for helping rural smallholder farmers graduate from poverty by combining the application of best agricultural practices and linkages to sustainable markets.

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