Nour Al Hassan

Nour Al Hassan

Founder and CEO, Tarjama

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Nour founded Tarjama in 2008 in Amman, Jordan. In 2011, she moved the company to Abu-Dhabi, guiding it as it grew into a regional company, employing 40 full time staff and 200 freelance staff in four Arab countries.

Nour is a staunch advocate of women’s empowerment and Tarjama’s high impact business model is a reflection of this passion.  The model involves training, hiring, and promoting women who might not otherwise have been able to enter the workforce. Of the 200 women Tarjama has trained over the past few years, 100 have been hired by the company on a part time or freelance basis. 

Nour is also the co-founder of the highly successful Jordanian-based luxury events company, Pinkmoon Events, which she continues to grow in her role as Business Development Director. In 2016, Nour was awarded the prestigious title of an Aspen Institute Fellow. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Al-Ahlia University in Jordan.


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