Ngwashi  Christabel Apholung, M.D.

Ngwashi Christabel Apholung, M.D.

Medical Doctor

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Dr. Ngwashi Christabel Apholung is an early-career medical doctor with experience providing health care especially in conflict-affected areas in Cameroon with particular focus on Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive and Child Health (MARCH) care.

She is the founder of MoreThanJustAnMD (MT-JAM) Health, a platform which uses storytelling to improve health literacy and patient-centered care via health communication on multiple platforms like social media, radio and television.

Dr. Ngwashi is also an award-winning writer with focus on issues which directly influence social determinants of health. She was declared a Youth Transforming Africa after emerging as country winner for The World Bank Group 2019 Blog4Dev competition and her dedication to improving the health component of human capital development has been demonstrated by her active participation in a number of panel discussions with global policy makers which paved the way for investments in African health systems.

She has recorded global impact by using digital technology for health promotion and was described as a 2020 TechWomen Emerging Leader by the U.S Department of State for Cultural Affairs. As an aspiring public health manager and health policy analyst, she plans to design health care systems which function at the intersection of digital innovation, sustainable health financing and prioritization of preventive, community and patient-centered care.

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