Myrna Cunningham

Myrna Cunningham

Miskitu Feminist, Indigenous Rights Activist and Medical Surgeon, Nicaragua

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Myrna Kay Cunningham Kain is a Miskitu feminist, indigenous rights activist and medical surgeon from Nicaragua. She has participated in political-social processes linked to the struggle for the rights of women and indigenous peoples in Latin America. She has been coordinator of the Indigenous Chair of the Intercultural Indigenous University.

She has 40+ years of experience in accompaniment, studies, facilitation and application of policies, strategies and programs based on approaches to the individual and collective human rights of Indigenous Peoples, especially in the fields of education, intercultural health, gender and intergenerational relations and indigenous self-government, multi-ethnic and development with identity- Good Living.

Myrna is a member of the Miskitu indigenous people of the Waspam community, located on the banks of the Wangki River in Nicaragua, to which participated in the negotiations for the establishment of the autonomy regime for the Indigenous Peoples and ethnic communities of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and throughout the last 35 years has accompanied the process of its implementation.

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