Martin Chungong, Secretary General, Inter-Parliamentary Union

Martin Chungong

Secretary General, Inter-Parliamentary Union

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Expertise on: Governance

Martin Chungong became the first African and non-European to be elected IPU Secretary General in 2014. With more than four decades of experience and knowledge of parliaments at national and international levels, he has dedicated his professional life to promoting and building democracy worldwide. He is highly committed to rejuvenating democracy, its processes and institutions and is driving the IPU’s efforts to bring more young people into parliaments worldwide. He is also committed, as Chair of the Global Board of the International Gender Champions, to breaking down gender barriers.

He is a leader in developing programmes to help parliaments become more transparent, accountable, representative, and effective democratic institutions, establishing governance benchmarks to strengthen democracy. His impressive portfolio in the promotion of dialogue and conflict resolution, remain at the heart of the IPU’s global work. 

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