Leonard Frank McCarthy

Leonard Frank McCarthy

Integrity Vice President, World Bank Group

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In June 2008, Leonard McCarthy was appointed by Robert B. Zoellick, President of the World Bank, to serve as Vice President of the World Bank. He heads the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT), whose mandate it is to anticipate, detect, deter and prevent fraud and corruption in Bank Group-supported activities. INT impacts the work of the World Bank by ensuring that funds are used for their intended purposes, thereby contributing to the organization’s core mission of promoting development and reducing poverty.

Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Mr. McCarthy headed the Directorate of Special Operations (DSO) in South Africa, specializing in crime analysis, investigation, prosecution, forensic accounting, asset forfeiture, and civil litigation. During his tenure, the DSO successfully prosecuted many entities involved in financial crime, organized criminal enterprises, grand corruption, urban terror and money rackets. In addition, the DSO generated millions of rands destined for criminal restraint, and interdicted drugs and other contraband worth billions.

Since joining the World Bank Group, Mr. McCarthy has spearheaded significant operational and organizational changes within INT that have increased its capacity to address fraud and corruption in a more concerted manner. Under his leadership, INT focuses on promoting creative solutions in investigations, integrity due-diligence, litigation, forensic audits and settlements, to solidify the lending environment and provide assurance to World Bank shareholders.

INT’s newly-created Preventive Services Unit analyzes insights gained from investigations, and disseminates good practices to other Bank staff and governments in the form of structural precautions, fiduciary mechanisms, detection tools and sound advice. The recent increase in cooperation efforts with international stakeholders, facilitates information sharing and joint action with other investigating institutions.

Previously, Mr. McCarthy held the position of Director of Public Prosecutions in South Africa, to which he was appointed by then President, Nelson Mandela.
He is a lawyer by profession and holds the following degrees: Baccalaureus Artium (BA), Bachelor of Law (B.Juris), and LLB (Bachelor of Laws).

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