Kyu‐ok  Kim

Kyu‐ok Kim

Head of Autonomous Driving and Future Vehicle Center, Senior Research Fellow, Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)

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Dr. Kyu‐ok Kim graduated from Ajou University’s undergraduate and graduate school. In 2002, he received a doctorate from the Texas A&M University (TAMU) at College Station. His adviser was Dr. Laurence Rilett in the Department of Civil Engineering at TAMU, and his doctoral thesis was on the optimization methodology for operation parameters in the transportation  networks.  He  had  over  five  years’  research  experience  at  Texas Transportation Institute as a research assistant and post‐doctorate. Since he had joined the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) in the spring of 2003, he conducted a lot of projects in the field of transportation. In the KOTI, he has conducted more than 75 projects as a principal researcher in the field of transportation system, Intelligent Transport Systems, Electric Vehicle and Automated Vehicle. He had a sabbatical year at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute at College Station and returned to KOTI in March, 2015. He has been an international expert of Working Group 8 at ISO TC 204 and PIARC of World Road Association. Currently he is in charge of Autonomous Driving and Future Vehicle Center.

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