Khady Diop Mbodji

Khady Diop Mbodji

Secretary General, Ministry of Education, Senegal

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Ms. Mbodji has served as the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Education since January 2018. She reports to the Minister of Education, whom she assists in the execution of government policy and in the administration of the department. She has over 30 years of experience in the education sector. She serves as Program Coordinator for the implementation of the WAEMU public financial management reform and as the National Director of Elementary Education. Ms. Mbodji has also served as an Education Inspector since 2004 and holds a Certificate in Education Inspectorate from the Ecole Supérieure de Dakar. She holds a Master 2 in Project Management and a certificate in Education Sector Diagnosis with the International Institute for Educational Planning of UNESCO. She has trained in the fields of planning, monitoring and evaluation, public finance, gender, communication, leadership, among others. Ms. Mbodji started her career as a teacher in 1993. She has held several positions of responsibility within the Ministry, such as Head of the Training Office, Inspector of Education and Training (IEF), Head of School District, etc. She received the honor of Knight of the Order of Merit in 2014 in recognition of her work in the education sector.

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