Kemal Derviş

Kemal Derviş

Vice President and Director, Global Economy and Development

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Kemal Derviş is vice president and director of Global Economy and Development. Formerly head of the United Nations Development Programme and Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey, he focuses on global economics, emerging markets, European issues, development and international institutions.

For many years, he has contributed a column every month to Project Syndicate which they publish in several languages and which is also published as a Brookings blog. A comprehensive collection of these articles has been published by the Brookings Press entitled Reflections on Progress: Essays on the Global Political Economy and will be released on August 30th, 2016.

Kemal Derviş started teaching economics at the Middle East Technical University in 1974 and has since taught several years at Princeton University in the 1970s and as an adjunct professor at Columbia University from 2009-2015.

As a member of the Turkish Parliament, he was a member of the Convention for the European Constitution from 2003-2004.

He has and continues to be a member of various advisory boards, notably at Sabanci University.

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