Juliette Powell

Juliette Powell


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As a media commentator, Juliette has appeared on Bloomberg, BNN, NBC, CNN, ABC and BBC. Her powerful presentations at institutions like The Economist, Harvard and MIT emerged from her lifelong interest in community-building combined with a deep knowledge of the people, technologies and business practices at the forefront of connected society.

Juliette consults with corporate, government and media organizations including Intel Labs, Reuters, the United Nations, Warner Brothers, Microsoft, Nokia, The Red Cross, Cirque du Soleil, IBM, the World Bank Group, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) who have a permanent seat at the UN general assembly. In 2011, Juliette began working with the E-G8, an extension of the G8 summit, created to inform G8 leaders on the future of the internet and connected society.


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