James Oduor

James Oduor

Former Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya’s National Drought Management Authority

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James Oduor has worked with the Kenya government as a Civil Servant, for more than 38 years. Until February 2022, he worked for the National Drought Management Authority, where he was responsible for overall management and control of the Authority’s operations, with a staff of 500 in 27 locations in Kenya and an annual budget of Kshs 5 billion ($5 million). 

Prior to that, from 2004 to 2010, he worked as the National Drought Management Coordinator, Arid Lands Resource Management Project, in the Office of the President. He also in the Ministry of Agriculture, as a Senior Agricultural Officer in charge of Early Warning and food Security. 

Oduor is an agriculture, food security and drought management specialist. He has significant technical expertise in drought early warning, contingency planning, social protection and drought risk reduction, as well as substantial experience in coordinating complex processes of multi-stakeholder strategy development, planning and response. 

He holds an MSc. (Agricultural Extension and Training), Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands and BSc. (General Agriculture), University of Nairobi, Kenya. 

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