His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

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For over fifty years, The Prince of Wales has used his unique position to champion action for a sustainable future.

The Prince has promoted sustainability to ensure that the natural assets upon which we all depend among other things soil, water, forests, a stable climate and fish stocks endure for future generations.

His Royal Highness believes that economic and social development will best succeed when it works in harmony, rather than in conflict, with Nature.

“There is an amazing amount that can be done. It is a combined responsibility of all of us, the public sector, private sector and civil society.”

Over the decades, The Prince of Wales has launched a number of sustainability initiatives aimed at delivering practical outcomes. In late 2019, His Royal Highness launched the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

As well as promoting sustainability through his work, His Royal Highness has taken many steps personally to live in a more sustainable way. Around half of his office and domestic energy use comes from renewable sources such as woodchip boilers, air-source heat pumps, solar panels and “green” electricity.

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