Eric C. Hylton

Eric C. Hylton

Executive Director, International Operations Criminal Investigation

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Eric Hylton is the Executive Director, International Operations for IRS Criminal Investigation (CI). He is responsible for developing and implementing an evolving strategic vision to expand CI’s presence in a challenging and rapidly changing global financial environment, optimizing resources to improve compliance with U.S. tax and other financial laws, and partnering with stakeholders. CI partners with other IRS operating divisions, federal agencies, domestic and foreign law enforcement entities, financial institutions, and law and accounting firms to identify and address threats to our global financial system.

Eric Hylton is headquartered in Washington, DC. He Hylton was selected for his current position in July 2012 and reports directly to Deputy Chief for Criminal Investigation. He is currently the Chairman for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)-Task Force for Tax Crimes and Other Crimes. He has been Special Agent for 21 years.

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