Enrique  Peñalosa

Enrique Peñalosa

Mayor of Bogota, Colombia

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Enrique Peñalosa is Mayor of Bogota, the Colombian capital with eight million inhabitants, for the four-year period from 2016-2019. He previously held this office from 1998-2001, during which time he led the transformation of the city into a model of sustainability, mobility, quality of life and equality. He is known for having created a network of bicycle paths, projects for the upgrading of slums, a land bank to provide quality housing in low-income neighborhoods, parks and pedestrianised areas in the poorest sectors of the city, daily restriction on car use during peak hours, public parks and libraries, public schools of high architectural quality, and the TransMilenio Bus Rapid Transit network. Beyond his own city, Peñalosa has lectured at numerous forums and universities on environmental issues, urban planning and urban policy, and has advised governments in Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America and the United States.

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