Eklil Ahmad Hakimi

Eklil Ahmad Hakimi

Minister of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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Mr. Hakimi is the Minister of Finance since 2015 and is the Chairman of the Government High Economic Commission as well as the Co-chair of the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board. He was the Coordinator of the Brussels International Conference on Afghanistan.

Over the period Hakimi has been the Minister of Finance, the Ministry has witnessed significant achievements on a number of fronts. Most noticeable amongst the achievements has been a significant increase in collection of the national revenue and rigorous budget reform.

Previously Mr. Hakimi servied as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance (2002), Chairman and founding member of Afghanistan Civil Service and Administrative Reform Commission (2003), Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to China (2005), as well as non-resident Ambassador to Vietnam and Magnolia, and Ambassador of Afghanistan to Japan (2009) non-resident Ambassador to the Philippines and Singapore.

Mr. Hakimi also served as Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010) before becoming the Afghan Ambassador to the united states in 2011.

During his time as the Extraordinary Representative and Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the United States, Hakimi played a vital role in securing aid and support for Afghanistan. His efforts have paved the way for the implementation of important national and regional projects for the future of Afghanistan.

Over the past 15 years, Minister Hakimi has been a vital part of many initiatives pertaining to Afghanistan’s diplomatic affairs and development issues.

Minister Hakimi is a graduate of Istiqlal French high school in Kabul (1985) and holds a Master’s degree from the Kabul Polytechnic Institute. Minister Hakimi is fluent in Pashtu, Dari and English languages.

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