Dilfuza Kurolova

Dilfuza Kurolova

Founding curator, Global Shapers Tashkent Hub

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Dilfuza is a human rights lawyer and professional mediator on civil and labour cases in Uzbekistan. She is also part of the Social Development Team at the World Bank on citizen engagement. She is a founder of Global Shapers Tashkent Hub (2020) and was part of the 1st cohort of the COVID Steering Committee at the Global Shapers (2020-2021) youth initiative at WEF. Also, she is an active member of CAYN (Central Asian Youth Networking) since 2010 and was country director for Uzbekistan in 2016. She is OSCE Youth Ambassador for Uzbekistan since 2015. Dilfuza is an active promoter of human rights, particularly, the rights to food, GBV-protection and gender equality, among others. She has consulted with several organizations and has served other positions in Uzbekistan.

Dilfuza has a Master`s Degree in Politics and Security (OSCE Academy in Bishkek) and Law (Tashkent State University of Law). Academically, she has teaching experience at Tashkent state university of law and Webster University in Tashkent. Apart from her main job, she provides free legal consultations to people via social media platforms since 2019.

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