Alejandra  Schrader

Alejandra Schrader

Los Angeles based chef, entrepreneur, and healthy cooking advocate

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Alejandra Schrader is a Los Angeles based chef, entrepreneur, and healthy cooking advocate. Alejandra was born in Chicago, USA and spent most of her childhood in Venezuela with her large extended family. Alejandra has been featured on all major US television networks in English and Spanish and uses her platform to showcase health conscious meals that are packed with flavor and nutritional value. Her unique cooking philosophy earned her a spot as a top finalist on Season 2 of MasterChef.

Alejandra is a founding member of the Chefs Manifesto, a thematic framework which outlines how chefs can contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through simple, practical actions. Alejandra is involved in multiple charity projects; offering cooking demonstrations, working special events, and teaching complimentary cooking classes to children, youth, and women of all ages. Honored to be a “Sisters on the Planet” Ambassador for Oxfam America, she believes she has a real responsibility to help find an effective plan to end world hunger and to develop better, more sustainable farming and food systems in underprivileged communities.

Alejandra is an alumnus of the University of Michigan where she earned a Master of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Southern California Institute of Architecture.

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