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Climate-Smart Mobility: Where to Invest?

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We cannot win the fight against climate change without taking on the rapidly growing emissions from the transport sector. But even though many of the necessary tools and technologies already exist, market uptake and financing remain low. Building on the ongoing Transport Decarbonization Investment series, this event will bring together a wide range of leaders who will explore concrete solutions for boosting innovation and investment toward low-carbon transport.

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00:00 Welcome and introductory remarks
03:34 Key priorities and next steps for climate-smart mobility
06:51 Investment opportunities to pursue a low-carbon pathway
07:41 Potential of sustainable mobility in Africa
9:58 Potential of sustainable mobility in the United States
11:28 Chile's ambitious plans in sustainable mobility
15:24 Moving people instead of moving vehicles
18:35 Creative finance to decarbonize public transport
27:25 Sustainable mobility, proper planning, capacity development and agency level
35:23 Technology, mobility, and the future
37:47 Decarbonization and culture of public transport
41:36 Closing remarks: Where to invest for a climate-smart mobility?

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