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Behind the Mission: Ask the World Bank Group Recruiters

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Getting a job at a complex institution like the World Bank Group can be daunting. In this Behind the Mission episode, you will have direct access to recruiters representing both the World Bank and IFC.

WBG recruiters demystify the job search and share their insights and tips about finding a job and working at the World Bank Group.

01:42 What grabs your interest when you’re looking at candidates?
04:12 Differences between the IFC and the World Bank
07:36 Ways to find a job at the World Bank Group
10:34 Working in WBG's headquarters and in the field
13:03 What stands out when you’re looking at someone’s CV?
14:45 What is the sequence of the recruitment process?
17:15 MYTH 1: You have to know someone to work here
18:20 MYTH 2: Only people with int. dev. experience will stand out
20:26 MYTH 3: You have to work in the field for career progress
24:16 If you were looking for a job at WBG, how would you prepare?