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2021 Annual Meetings Opening Press Conference

00:00 Welcome to the 2021 Annual Meetings press conference
00:52 Opening remarks by WBG President David Malpass
08:41 Public spending in Mexico
11:28 Climate finance provided to developing countries
14:25 Support to Sub-Saharan Africa, including Ghana
17:31 The role of young people in global climate action
20:07 Support to the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt
24:30 India's economy and COVID-19 impact
27:20 Measures to save companies in difficulty
30:41 Lessons learned from this health and social crisis
34:22 Support from the World Bank Group to low-income countries
40:00 Thanks! Closure of the press conference

World Bank Group President David Malpass will address the press during the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund 2021 Annual Meetings. He will provide updates on the Bank Group’s efforts to rapidly scale up our support to help countries acquire and deploy vaccines and also talk about assisting countries accelerate an end to the pandemic and build a green, resilient, and inclusive recovery.

This year, due to the coronavirus, the Management of the IMF and World Bank Group and their Executive Boards are adapting the 2021 IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings to a mostly virtual format.

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