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Spring Meetings 2018 Global Voices Interview Series: Opening Show

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Talking about global development can be fun – and informative!  Join us on Facebook Tuesday, April 17, for a one-hour live show exploring the power of technology to solve problems, some of the reasons behind the gender divide, and why 2050 isn’t that far away when you’re talking about climate change.  

Our World Bank Live show will be filled with creative and inspiring content including the educational, data-oriented Geek Out with Tariq.

Guests Speakers:
Shomik Mehndiratta, Practice Manager, Transport and Digital Development
Rita Ramalho, Senior Manager, Development Economics
Marianne Fay, Chief Economist, Sustainable Development Network

Tariq Khokhar, Senior Data Scientist

Hosted by:
Pabsy Pabalan Mariano, Digital Engagement Officer
Andy Shuai Liu, Online Communications Officer