Taisuke Fukuno

President, jig.jp co., ltd.

In the third grade of elementary school, he encountered the world of programming and all the creative options it offered. While learning new computing languages, such as BASIC, he devoted himself to software development. He joined a programming club at his school, the Fukui National College of Technology, and worked part time, discovering the pleasure of making things and performing services for people. While he was working as a free-lance programmer after graduation from the college, he imagined starting a business with his mind’s eye. After having established two companies, he founded his present company, jig.jp co., ltd. in 2003 and succeeded in developing the world's first downloadable full-browser "jig Browser," which enabled mobile phone users to view Web sites for PCs; until then, phone users could see only the highly-limited web sites designed especially for mobile phones. In order to ensure a rich social environment for the firm, he located the company's head office in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. There, he works on a programming course for senior people and children, the local government's open data initiative "Data City Sabae," and the organization "Code for Sabae" that takes advantage of open data and IT events to facilitate the networking of locals with entrepreneurs from all over the Tokyo area. He is also supporting younger people studying at National Colleges of Technology in Japan by providing them with internships and giving lectures, as well as creating the "Code for KOSEN (Technical College).