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Resilient Recovery Series: The Impact of the Pandemic on Economic Inclusion

COVID-19 has been called the "Inequality Pandemic", meaning that existing gaps have been exacerbated by the crisis. Now more than ever there is a need for inclusive economic development. But just what does that mean, and how do we go about achieving it? Join us Wednesday, January 27th at 9am as we discuss some of these questions with Colin Andrews, Program Manager with the Social Protection & Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank. Meanwhile, download the report The State of Economic Inclusion Report 2021: The Potential to Scale

! Captions available in Arabic

The Resilient Recovery Series includes in-depth interviews with the Bank’s leading experts focused on health, social, and economic responses, as well as policies, institutions, and investments that will be critical to resilient, inclusive, and sustainable recovery.

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Colin Andrews. Program Manager, Social Protection & Jobs Global Practice, World Bank

Program Manager, Social Protection & Jobs Global Practice, World Bank


Srimathi Sridhar, External Affairs Associate at the World Bank

External Affairs Associate, World Bank Group

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