Jan Walschots

Senior Statistical Researcher on Price Statistics, Statistics Netherlands

Jan Walschots is a Senior Statistical Researcher at Statistics Netherlands. In his early years at Statistics Netherlands, he worked on the Labour Force Survey where he developed the first computerized questionnaire where the interviewer made use of a handheld computer. After working in several other departments, he joined the CPI team in 1998 and was much involved in issues of methodology, development, dissemination, data validation, international harmonization and others. Jan worked as a seconded national expert at Eurostat from 2007 till 2011. Statistics Netherlands has since 2000 played a leading role in the development of methods and use of scanner data for the CPI. Also the use of automated or computer assisted data collection is of growing importance for the CPI. Jan has often played a role in these developments and in embedding the new methods in the CPI process.