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Ibrahim Saif

Minister of Planning & International Cooperation, Jordan

Ibrahim Saif is the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in Jordan. Prior to that, he was a resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center. Saif also served as a consultant to numerous international organizations including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the International Labor Organization. Saif is a former director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and has served as the secretary general of the Economic and Social Council in Jordan. In addition, Saif has taught at both the University of London and Yale University, where he led courses on the economies of the Middle East. Saif is the editor of the book Jordanian Economy in a Changing Environment, and he co-authored a chapter (with Nesreen Barakat) in the book Market Dynamics and Productivity in Developing Countries: Economic Reforms in the Middle East and North Africa. He has also been published in numerous journals, including Middle East Law and Governance Journal and the Journal of Middle Eastern Geopolitics. Saif holds an MSc and a PhD in economics from the University of London.