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Throughout the World Bank Group-IMF Annual Meetings, held from October 9 to October 15, 2023, we hosted a series of daily live discussions at the World Bank Digital Zone. These conversations featured insights from policymakers, civil society representatives, and private sector leaders, and were brought to you online and in multiple languages.

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Thailand to host the 2026 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings

Thank you for following our coverage of the 2023 Annual Meetings. We are delighted to announce that the 2026 event will be held in the Kingdom of Thailand. The Annual Meetings are usually held for two consecutive years at the IMF and WBG headquarters in Washington, D.C. and every third year in one of the institutions’ member countries. Meanwhile, please stay tuned to our channels for regular updates on the World Bank’s work and development impact.

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Day 5 of the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings 2023

Ajay Banga, the World Bank Group President, delivered a landmark speech today on the new mission and vision of the institution. To create a world free of poverty will require a new playbook, expanded financial capacity, stronger partnerships and collaboration with the private sector, he said. We also heard from Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and Makhtar Diop, CEO of IFC. 

2023 Annual Meetings Plenary
More Jobs through Investing in Human Capital

Conversation at the Digital Zone

Day 4

Today, the World Bank's board endorsed its new vision and mission - Ending poverty on a livable planet. We look at what it will take for the World Bank to deliver on this ambitious goal, including boosting its financial capacity and partnerships with the public and private sectors.

Reform Priorities for Tackling Debt

Conversations at the Digital Zone

Day 3

The Annual Meetings opened today with a press conference with Ajay Banga, World Bank President. The multiple challenges the world faces today were high on the agenda, from the Ukraine crisis, to the climate crisis to the lack of private investment in emerging markets. Climate action solutions were central to discussions, as was the role of women’s leadership in advancing development goals.

2023 Annual Meetings Opening Press Conference
Harnessing Institutional Investment and Finance for Development
Delivery on the Ground: Country Action for a Livable Planet
Engaging Women as Leaders
Fourth Ministerial Roundtable Discussion for Support to Ukraine

Conversations at the Digital Zone

Day 2

Today’s global challenges are complex; no single institution can handle them alone. Partnerships will be critical to meeting development goals. Watch clips from private and international organizations in the latest Daily Wrap-Up.

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A New Playbook for Challenging Times
Job-Rich Growth: The Answer to Poverty
Building Foundations for an Inclusive Digital Future
Townhall with President Ajay Banga and Civil Society Representatives

Conversations at the Digital Zone

Day 1

From October 9 to 15, join us in Marrakech and online as we bring you live events and conversations! This year’s events are being held against a backdrop of overlapping global challenges, like conflict, climate change and food insecurity. Watch the Day 1 wrap-up: Addressing global challenges and building a better, bigger, and smarter World Bank.

Conversations at the Digital Zone