Yashovardhan Lohia

Yashovardhan Lohia

Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer, Indorama Ventures PCL

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Born in New Delhi, Yash Lohia is the elder son of Aloke Lohia, Founder and Group CEO of Indorama Ventures PCL (IVL). His career in IVL started in the Packaging division, and oversees the company’s operations across seven countries, after setting up the first Philippines Packaging division in 2013. Prior to joining the Packaging business, Yash trained in various business functions and segments within IVL. Since 2018, Yash has also helped guide the Fibers business which is a strong growth area for IVL.

Since 2019, Yash has been appointed as an Executive Director on the IVL’s Board of Directors and member of the Sustainability and Risk Management Committee. He had also been Chief Recycling Officer until 2020 when he was appointed a new position as Chief Sustainability Officer. He is now contributing and playing an important role to define IVL's path to Sustainability.

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