Steve Nicholls

Steve Nicholls

Head of Mitigation, South Africa’s Presidential Climate Commission (PCC)

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Expertise on: Climate Change

Steve Nicholls is the Head of Mitigation at South Africa’s Presidential Climate Commission (PCC). In this role, Steve works with a range of stakeholders to reach a consensus on net-zero pathways for each sector of the economy built on a strong fact base and supporting capacity building and cooperation within the modelling community in South Africa. Understanding future competitive economies and what kind of investments are required to enhance South Africa’s economic competitiveness while creating employment and reducing inequality and poverty will be his key focus.

Steve’s past experience is in connecting climate issues with economic impact and therefore building the strategic case for integrating climate considerations into strategy, risk management, investment planning, policy development and implementation.

Prior to joining the PCC, Steve led the Environment and Society programmes at the National Business Initiative. In this role, Steve ran the programmes that harnessed the collective effort of South African business across the areas of energy, climate change and water. Steve has worked in the consulting industry in the United Kingdom and South Africa and on projects in Europe and Southern and East Africa. He has worked across several sectors, including mining, telecommunications, government, electrical energy, oil and gas, financial services and retail.

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