Sonia Dridi

Sonia Dridi

Author and Journalist, French Correspondent in the US

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Sonia Dridi is a French journalist and foreign correspondent based in Washington DC since 2015. She works for various French media including France 24, RTBF TV and BFM TV.

She wrote the first biography in French of Joe Biden, published in September 2020 “Joe Biden, le pari de l’Amérique anti-trump”.

She also helped produce documentaries such as "Bachar Al Assad : Master of Chaos" (Antoine Vitkine), "Putin, Master of the game" (Antoine Viktine), "Iraq, Destruction of a Nation" (Jean-Pierre Canet).

Previously, she was based in Cairo and covered the Egyptian revolution and its aftermath. She was the first European journalist to interview President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. In Egypt, she made two documentaries, award nominated in France "Sexual harassment, an Egyptian disease" (2013) and "Tahrir : one year after" (2012)

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