Samantha  Ghiotti

Samantha Ghiotti

Partner, Anthemis Group

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Samantha Ghiotti is a Partner at Anthemis Group. An industry leader in strategic innovation, she brings a unique blend of corporate, startup and academic experience to the firm. As a founder of Anthemis’ Advisory practice, Ms Ghiotti has helped lead the expansion of the business from design to strategic execution. She also plays an active role in Anthemis’ capital raising efforts and strategic relationship building across geographies. Ms Ghiotti brings a creative, hands-on approach to growing and reinventing businesses in the Digital Age. Prior to joining Anthemis, she held senior positions in some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, American Express and First Data. She previously served as an advisor to Singularity University and the ESCP Business School. Originally from Turin, Italy, Ms Ghiotti graduated from the London School of Economics. She has travelled to over 40 countries and published her first book, 20,000 Miles with My Rucksack, in 2011.

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