Roland Fomundam

Roland Fomundam

Founder & CEO, Greenhouse Ventures

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Roland Fomundam, founder and CEO of Greenhouse Ventures (GHV) is a seasoned social entrepreneur. Over the past eight years, he devoted his time to finding lasting solutions to tackle challenges facing Africa’s agricultural communities that make up ‘65 percent of Africa’s labor force and account for 32 percent of gross domestic product’ (FAO).

Roland started GHV, to address these challenges, improve the lives of famers and bridge income inequality by deploying a Greenhouse business model that not only challenges the stigma that agriculture in Africa is for the poor, the dirty and uneducated people but also portrays one that is enjoyable, profitable, sustainable and saves the environment.

Roland is also the founder of two for profit companies and one not for profit organization. He has also led research teams to Cameroon made up of students established through educational network from the Northeastern University where he earned a Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship.

Roland’s solutions and ideas have been implemented in several communities throughout Cameroon. He is also a visiting lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a few universities in Cameroon.

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