Pam Dixon

Pam Dixon

Founder and Executive Director, World Privacy Forum

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Pam Dixon is the founder and executive director of the World Privacy Forum, a respected public interest research group and NGO. An author and researcher, she has written influential studies in the area of privacy, identity, biometrics, AI, health privacy, and other topics. Dixon has worked extensively on privacy across multiple jurisdictions, including the US, India, Africa, Asia, the EU and others for more than two decades. Her work in the area of health privacy is extensive and has focused on health data ecosystems and their governance, digital records, public health, genetic privacy, and orphan disease issues. She serves on the WHO data governance working group, and co-chairs a data governance working group at the UN. In 2021, Dixon was awarded the Pioneer Award by EFF. Her current work involves how to understand and regulate complex data ecosystems, including identity ecosystems. The World Privacy Forum has been named as a leading digital identity influencing organization globally.

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