Mase Rikweda

Mase Rikweda

CEO, Rikweda Fruit Processing Company

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Mase Rikweda started the Rikweda Fruit Processing Company in 2014.  This company was a start-up that sought to bring the latest raisin wash technology to Afghanistan’s raisin sector. From proposing and developing the concept to finally implementation in 2018, against the specific difficult economic and political circumstances of Afghanistan, the country’s most modern processing factory is ready to disrupt the raisin processing sector in and outside of Afghanistan, from empowering the local growers, to providing a great product to end consumers across the globe.

This project has created some 60 employment opportunities for men and women in what is unfortunately a poor corner of the world. Just over 50% of the company’s workforce is women led. As of date, Mase is looking forward to helping the development of Afghan raisins by focusing on helping Afghan farmers gain access to key extension services to produce a market-oriented product, fighting for global market share and creating a positive brand for Afghan raisins.   It will also mean greater exports at premium prices thus improving the productivity, sustainability and commerciality of the Afghan raisin value chain as whole.

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