Margaret Ellen Grosh

Margaret Ellen Grosh

Senior Advisor, World Bank

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Expertise on: Social Protection

Margaret Grosh is the Senior Advisor of Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice. She has written, lectured and advised extensively on social assistance programs, globally and for Latin America.  Her most recent books are Exploring Universal Basic Income: A Guide to Navigating Concepts, Evidence and Practice (Gentilini et al 2020) and Protecting All: Risk Sharing for a Diverse and Diversifying World of Work (Packard et al, 2019).

She has extensive experience with social protection both for crisis response and for improv­ing equality of opportunity. Earlier, she served as Practice Manager for Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean, as Global Lead for  Social Assistance in the World Bank’s global Social Protection Department and before that, as team lead for the Living Standard Measurement Study in the Research Department. She holds a PhD in Economics from Cornell University, USA.

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