Kul Man Ghising 

Kul Man Ghising 

MD, Nepal Electricity Authority

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Kul Man Ghising is the current managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). He is known for solving the problem of severe power cuts (load-shedding) in Nepal, managing domestic demands, and promoting greater regional cooperation. 

Prior to this position, he served as the project chief of Rahughat Hydroelectricity Project and the managing director of the Chilime Hydropower Company. He has extensive experience in power trade and distribution.

Mr Ghising is credited with overhauling the hydropower generation systems in Nepal by storing water during low demand hours and generating more power when the demand is at peak. He also ended the policy of providing 24-hour electricity to big industries and launched a public awareness campaign to discourage the use of high-power domestic equipment during peak hours.

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