Juan  Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos

President of the Republic of Colombia

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BA (Hons) in Economics and Business Administration, University of Kansas; postgrad. studies in Economics, Economic Development, London School of Economics; MPA, Harvard University. Fellow: Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; Harvard University. Formerly: Head, Colombian Delegation, International Coffee Organisation, London. 1982, Deputy Director and President, Editorial Board, El Tiempo; VP, Press Freedom Commission, Interamerican Press Society. 1991, Foreign Trade Minister of Colombia. 1992-96, President, VII United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). 1993, VP of Colombia; President, Economic Conference for Latin America (ECLA). 2000-02, Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia. 2002, President, Fundacion Buen Gobierno. 2006-09, Minister of National Defence of Colombia. Since 2010, President of Colombia. Founder and Chairman, Good Government Foundation. Journalist. Author of several books: The Third Way, An Alternative for Colombia. Recipient of the King of Spain Prize.

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