Jeremias N.  Paul, Jr.

Jeremias N. Paul, Jr.

Undersecretary, Philippine Department of Finance

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Jeremias N. Paul, Jr. is a seasoned government official, having held various positions in the Department of Finance since 1990. In more than two decades now, he has practically done the rounds of all the units in the Department, including being Assistant Secretary of the International Finance Group and being Undersecretary of the Corporate Affairs Group. In 2005-2006, he served as Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank Group in Washington D.C. and spearheaded governance reforms in G-24 when the Philippines was Chair. Currently, for more than three years now, Jun Paul has been heading the Domestic Finance Group, standing at the helm of government initiatives to reform the country’s fiscal and tax systems, including the “Sin Tax Reform” law” which restructured the Philippine excise tax system for alcohol and tobacco products.

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