Jas Singh

Jas Singh

Lead Energy Specialist, The World Bank

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Jas Singh has worked on energy efficiency and sustainable energy programs for more than 29 years in over 40 countries. Jas currently serves as a Lead Energy Specialist with the World Bank’s Energy & Extractives Global Knowledge Unit, leading energy efficiency and sustainable energy programs and knowledge. Previously, Jas served as a Lead Energy Specialist in the Europe and Central Asia region for 12 years, supporting energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean heating investments and technical assistance programs in Poland, Türkiye, the Western Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, and elsewhere, and currently leads the World Bank’s Energy Efficiency Community of Practice. Most recently, Jas led the ECA report, Toward a Framework for the Sustainable Heating Transition, which was issued in September 2023. Jas has also authored several previous publications including Institutional Review for Energy Efficiency in Turkey, Scaling-Up Energy Efficiency in Buildings in the Western Balkans, Public Procurement of Energy Efficient Products, and Public Procurement of Energy Efficiency Services. Prior to joining the Bank, Jas served as an Energy Advisor at USAID for four years, and previously as an Energy Specialist in the Bank’s East Asia and Pacific region for nine years. He holds an M.Sc. in International Development from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.

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