Halsey Rogers

Halsey Rogers

Lead Economist, World Bank

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Expertise on: Education

Halsey Rogers is Lead Economist with the World Bank’s Education Global Practice and served as Co-Director of the World Development Report 2018: Learning to Realize Education’s Promise. He now helps lead initiatives that advance the WDR vision, including the global Learning Poverty estimates and the Global Education Policy Dashboard.  In the past, he represented the Bank in SDG negotiations on education, led the Bank’s global teacher-policy research, and co-authored the Bank’s Education Strategy 2020: Learning for All. Rogers has published widely in peer-reviewed journals, including the Quarterly Journal of Economics and the Journal of Economic Perspectives, and has advised governments in every region of the world. He works on the quality of service delivery in education, teacher effectiveness, outcome and process metrics, families’ education investments, aid effectiveness, and development strategy, among other topics. He also co-authored Growth and Empowerment: Making Development Happen (MIT Press). Previously, Rogers served as advisor to former World Bank chief economists Joseph Stiglitz and Nicholas Stern and as senior economist in the Bank’s research department. Prior to joining the Bank, he served with the Council of Economic Advisors at the White House, UC Berkeley, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance (Jakarta), and the Korea Development Institute (Seoul). He holds an AB from Princeton University, an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a PhD in Economics from UC Berkeley.

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