Gus Hosein

Gus Hosein

Executive Director, Privacy International

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Gus has worked at the intersection of technology and human rights for over twenty years. He has worked on national security and anti-terrorism policy, leading global research and advocacy on border registration, biometric collection, tracking of migration, travel profiling, and mass surveillance of financial data flows. He led research and co-authored a book on identity systems and policy, Global Challenges for Identity Policy.  He founded regional and global networks of civil society organisations to work on technology and rights. He has acted as an external evaluator for UNHCR, advised the UN Special Rapporteur on Terrorism and Human Rights, co-authored a report on humanitarian use of data with the International Committee of the Red Cross, and has advised a number of other international organisations.

Gus has held visiting fellowships at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Columbia University, and University College London. He was a Visiting Scholar at the American Civil Liberties Union and an advisor to their Technology and Liberty Project. He holds a B.Math (Hons) from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of London.

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