Elron Awase

Elron Awase

Managing Director, Tesla Energy Solutions

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Born and raised in Namibia, Elron is an engineer and entrepreneur specializing in the country's energy sector. Elron was part of the strategic and technical team that help with the restructuring of the electricity industry in Namibia and the formation of first privately operates distribution and supply company. He served as part of the Executive team's General Manager of Commercial Services during the transition period of the Regional Electricity Distribution and Supply company.

Elron has since been the founder and Managing Director of Tesla Energy Solutions, which offers energy solutions to utilities and industrial customers through the use of smart automatic meter reading platforms and smart grid technologies. His solutions are used throughout the Namibian electricity industry to improve metering of electricity and energy management programs. The Electricity Regulatory has adopted their solutions in their Net Metering Policy which has increased renewal energy activity in Namibia. Elron serves on different Boards as Executive director in the role of a strategic advisor. He is also part of Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO), an after-school program in Namibia dedicated to high achieving youth from underprivileged communities. Elron earned his Executive MBA at New York University in 2015 specializing in Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship and continues to be passionate about further developing the energy industry across Africa. He graduated from University of Pretoria, South Africa with multiple degrees in Engineering, a Masters in Engineering Management, Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) Computer Engineering, and Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical (First Class).

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