Dr. Khondaker A. Mamun

Dr. Khondaker A. Mamun

Founder and CEO, CMED Health, Bangladesh

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Dr Khondaker A. Mamun is the founder and chief executive officer of CMED Health, a preventive healthcare initiative in Bangladesh. He has led innovations like SmartPhone App for Autism Screening and Bolte Chai, a Smart Phone App for enhancing communications for nonverbal children.

Dr Mamum teaches at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, United International University, Dhaka, and is also the director of the institute’s Advanced Intelligent Multidisciplinary Systems Lab. His research interests include machine learning, intelligent System, healthcare, disabilities, and education as well as human machine interface, brain computer interface, rehabilitation engineering, and mobile technology for health care and rehabilitation applications. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed academic papers.

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