Dr. Ju-Ho  Lee

Dr. Ju-Ho Lee

KDI School of Public Policy and Management and former Minister of Education of Korea

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Professor Ju-Ho Lee served at the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology of Republic of South Korea from 2010 to 2013. Before joining the ministry as a Vice Minister in 2009, he was Senior Secretary to the President for Education, Science, and Culture. He has been recognized for his education reform endeavors and active lawmaking as a member of the National Assembly (2004-2008). His policy entrepreneurship began when he worked as a research fellow in Korea Development Institute (KDI) and as a professor of KDI Public Policy and Management. He has written many articles and books including Human Capital and Development: Lessons and Insights from Korea’s Transformation (2018) and Positive Changes: The Education, Science & Technology Policies of Korea (2012). He is actively working for the international community as a Commissioner of the International Commission on Financing the Global Educational Opportunities, a Commissioner of 3ie and a Chair of the Education Workforce Initiative.

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