Charles Castel

Charles Castel

Governor of Haiti’s Central Bank

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Charles Castel is Governor of Haiti’s Central Bank (BRH). He initially joined BRH as an advisor in 1995 to the then Governor of the Bank. As the Executive Director of the Haitian Privatization Commission, Castel was instrumental in spearheading the Government of Haiti’s first successful privatizations, the Moulins d'Haiti (flour mill), and the Cimenterie Nationale (cement company). After serving in various capacities for the Bank (namely General Counsel, Director of Banking Supervision and General Director), Castel was appointed Governor in 2007 and subsequently oversaw the privatization of the Haitian telecom company, TELECO, in 2009.

Castel’s career has been defined by his work in public service, working in various commissions mandated to modernize state companies, including at the Ministry of Commerce, and at the Haitian Electric Public Utility, EDH. Earlier in his career, Castel worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program. Castel also taught Finance, Trade as well as Money and Banking at the State University of Haiti.

Castel studied Law and Business Administration at the State University of Haiti. As a Fulbright Scholar, he earned a Master of Arts in Economics at SUNY Albany, and subsequently a Master of Laws, specializing in Financial and Banking Law, at Columbia University.

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