Bernard  Myers

Bernard Myers

Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank

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Bernard Myers is a Senior Public Sector Specialist for the World Bank, based in Washington, DC (as of

August 2020). Previously located in the Bank’s Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Malaysia, he led

various engagements on Public Sector Management issues. Mr. Myers’s previous assignments have taken him to over twenty-five countries across Europe and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. His areas of specialization include public investment management, performance budgeting, medium-term planning, civil service reform, and functional reviews of the public administration. While based in Asia, Mr. Myers led the Bank’s work with the Public Expenditure Management Network in Asia (PEMNA), a peer-topeer knowledge exchange network for public finance officials in East Asia. Mr. Myers is a US national with 30 years of experience helping governments to enhance their performance. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked for the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) and for the US Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance. Mr. Myers holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from Princeton University.

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