Belarmino Jelembi

Belarmino Jelembi

General Director of the Angola Local Development Institute (FAS), Angola 

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Expertise on: Social Protection

Belarmino Jelembi is the General Director of the Angola Local Development Institute, a state agency whose mission is to contribute to promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction. He is currently implementing one of the largest social protection programs in Angola, the World Bank-financed KWENDA cash transfer program, for 1.6 million families.  
Belarmino spent 20 years at Action for Rural Development of Angola (ADRA), the country’s largest non-governmental organization (NGO), seven of which as Director General. He was, among others, coordinator of the African Network of NGOs for food security for the South and East Africa Regional Network. He has participated in several research sessions on Legal Pluralism, Rights and Traditional Resource Practices in southern Angola, he is a member of the Political and Social Observatory of Angola, and he is a professor at the Instituto Superior João Paulo II of the Catholic University of Angola.  
Belarmino holds a master’s degree in Legal Sciences - Economic and Development, with postgraduate degrees and specializations in Administration, Local Development, and Public Policy. Belarmino is also the author of the book " Local Development paths in Angola - Spaces and Processes for Participation and Local Development in Angola," and has a regular presence in the national and international press as an interviewee and columnist.

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