Arthur Weedor Weedor

Arthur Weedor Weedor

Youth Activist and 2020 Winner, Blog4Dev

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Arthur Weedor has more than six years of experience in advocacy, volunteerism and working with Government and non-governmental organizations in Liberia. He is the co-founder and administrative officer at the Brighter Initiatives for Revitalization and Development Inc. and the founder and president of Movement for Youth Empowerment, a youth initiative established to seek the interest of young people. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of GGC Inc. a company established to find solution to identified business problems through providing tailored technology solutions, solar energy power, financial and agro-business consultancy and training, printing press, etc.  He serves as volunteer at the Kafina Initiatives at the University of Liberia, where he coordinates the activities of benefactor scholars at the University of Liberia and the Daily-Toy Saving Club Inc., among others. He holds a degree in Agronomy from the University of Liberia and is Liberia bolg4Dev 2020 winner,

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