Alexander Jaeger

Alexander Jaeger

Senior Social Protection Specialist, World Bank

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Expertise on: Social Protection

Alexander is a Senior Social Protection and Climate Change Specialist with the World Bank.  He has joined the World Bank recently after working for various international institutions on the topic for the past 10 years. The focus of Alexander’s work is on climate risk finance and its linkages to social protection and labor systems. This includes the adaptive social protection and just transition agendas and conceptual work on social protection and labor programs.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Alexander worked for GIZ (the German Agency for International Cooperation), the Green for Growth Fund, the European Fund for Southeast Europe and Ernst & Young in various positions in Europe, Africa and South-East Asia.

Alexander did his PhD in Environmental Sociology and Insurance Economics from the universities of Stuttgart/Germany and St Gallen/Switzerland on the role of insurance companies in societal risk management and he holds a Masters Degree in Sociology, Business Economics and Philosophy from the University of Freiburg/Germany for which he did studied at the Jawaharlal-Nehru-University in Delhi, the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban and the University of Oxford.

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